Presidential palace
Daniela Olejníková, Karol Trnovský, 2017

Puzzle, memory & difference game – three games to test your memory, perception and patience. This merchandising was made to order by President Andrej Kiska...

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Igor Marko, 2014

For centuries wooden cubes have been among the most popular toys. Their elementary quality offers a multitude of ways of enjoying oneself. They have differed, depending on the historical period and locality, only in the diverse ways...

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Ján Šicko, 2014

Going by the name of „wolf-cub“, there is a well-known traditional children’s toy which is based on the principle of sustained movement round a vertical axis. The speed of rotation changes the colour shades and the shapes depicted...

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Puppet Play Set
Michala Lipková, 2013

This theatre is based on motifs from the „Kyjatice toys“ made over 150 years ago in the Gemer and Malahont region. Striking colours (principally red, blue, green and brown), hand-carved ornamentation, and a flat wheeled platform to which the figures...

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Star of Time
Ondrej Gavalda, Viktória Gavaldová, 2013

A simple construction set, created on the basis of mathematical-geometrical and time connections. The basic dial evokes a star – bright colours symbolise day, while darker shades suggest night. Corresponding also to this division of the day...

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Karol Trnovský, 2013

This jigsaw enables one to compose up to 90 % of the flags of the states of the world. Each flag is made up of several elements. The game stimulates the visual imagination and memory of the child. Part of the package is an instruction booklet...

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