Presidential palace

Daniela Olejníková, Karol Trnovský, 2017

Puzzle, memory & difference game – three games to test your memory, perception and patience. The merchandising was made to order by President Andrej Kiska.

Memory game – The game starts with all cards facing down. The youngest player starts. Each picture has another that matches it. The object of the game is to find matching pairs. Two cards can be turned face up in a turn. If you find two cards that match, you get an extra turn. But, if the images on the cards are different, then play passes to the next player. The game ends, when all of the pairs have been found. The winner is the player that collected the most matched pairs.

Puzzle – Try to put the pieces together to make a picture of the Presidential Palace matching the colour image on the cover. The jigsaw puzzle has 80 coloured pieces to put together. If all the pieces fit correctly, a picture of the fabulous Grassalkovich Palace will appear. It was built in 1760 by Hungarian count Antal Grassalkovich as his summer residence. Celebrations that even guests from the Emperor's court would attend took place here. There was even an occasion, when Empress Maria Theresa came to visit. The palace has been the residence of the President of the Slovak Republic since 1996.

Difference game – The game is ideal for training your attention span. At first glance, it may seem that both halves of the Presidential Palace are the same. But take a closer look and compare the left half of the picture to the right half. There are 10 differences between the two pictures, carefully hidden by illustrator Daniela Olejníková, for you to find.

produced by: Hauerland
material: paperboard, offset print
package dimensions: 250 x 130 x 25 mm
toy dimensions: 960 x 300 mm
photo: Katarína Kincelová

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