Igor Marko, 2014

For centuries wooden cubes have been among the most popular toys. Their elementary quality offers a multitude of ways of enjoying oneself. They have differed, depending on the historical period and locality, only in the diverse ways of fashioning the surface. Ahoy Cubes are enriched with a further dimension. As a pattern it uses the international maritime signal flags alphabet, which is used for visual telecommunication between ships or between a ship and a port. This code is represented by the individual letters of the Latin alphabet, using variously-coloured flags. The package includes 25 cubes where individual letters are found on the sides opposite to the coloured patterns, graded according to their frequency of appearance in the given language. The game is designed for two or more children and depends on guessing the particular words which the opponent is composing from the cubes. The toy exercises the child’s memory and teaches him/her the alphabet at pre-school age.

produced by: myAD
material: solid beech, digital UV print
dimensions: 1 cube 35 x 35 x 35 mm
photo: Zuzana Šumská

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