Puppet Play Set

Michala Lipková, 2013

This theatre is based on motifs from the „Kyjatice toys“ made over 150 years ago in the Gemer and Malahont region. Striking colours (principally red, blue, green and brown), hand-carved ornamentation, and a flat wheeled platform to which the figures are firmly attached, are characteristic features of the design of these original wooden toys. The BábkoHra set comprises 25 pieces, which when slid onto the base make it possible to construct 4 pendant figures in each case. Characters appearing in the story may be Mum, Dad, son, daughter, or bear, cockerel, pony, or „self-invented“ heroes. The play is aimed at developing communicative abilities and creativity, and it is therefore suitable particularly for pre-school establishments, as well as for specialist workplaces employing drama therapy.

produced by: 3N3 frézovanie, Michala Lipková
material: solid beech, oak, dixol – thin azure coating
dimensions: father 100 x 245 x 20 mm,
rooster 70 x 100 x 20 mm
photo: Zuzana Šumská

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