Karol Trnovský, 2013

The wooden toy functions on a very simple principle. Real flags are made up of basic geometrical shapes. These are represented in the jigsaw by coloured pieces of eight types, which interlock universally. This principle of construction makes it possible to compose many of the flags of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania. Apart from that, using the pieces one can create countless colour and shape combinations, which motivate children to create and to discover. The game stimulates their visual imagination, memory, and development of fine motor skills. It is designed for four-year-olds upwards.

produced by: 3N3 frézovanie, Karol Trnovský
material: plywood, acrylic lacquer
dimensions: 1 flag 135 x 90 x 5 mm
photo: Zuzana Šumská

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