Star of Time

Ondrej Gavalda, Viktória Gavaldová, 2013

A simple construction set, created on the basis of mathematical-geometrical and time connections. The basic dial evokes a star – bright colours symbolise day, while darker shades suggest night. Corresponding also to this division of the day are the numbers used, 1 – 12 (day) and 13 – 24 (night). The mosaic offers a wide scale of formal combinations, which stimulate the perception of geometrical connections – for example, the similarity of triangles, equality of the sides and angles of equilateral triangles, division of the circle, and so on. The Star of Time is suitable for children below school age, at the point when numbers come into play. By putting together an equilateral triangle with numbered apexes, the child begins to discover the mathematical level of the toy – for example, if we use a triangle with numbers located in the same places as on the dial, we come to a rule where the arithmetical average of the largest and smallest numbers is always the third number.

produced by: 3N3 frézovanie, Ondrej Gavalda,
Viktória Gavaldová
material: solid beech, acrylic lacquer
dimensions: Ø 250 x 20 mm
photo: Zuzana Šumská

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